Medical Support

Get Medical Attention Immediately

After a sexual assault, it’s important to get a check up to make sure that you are not injured. There may be internal injuries that are not visible to you. Call the Student Health Clinic at 404-413-1930 to talk to a nurse about coming in to get treatment. Your medical visit at the clinic is free and confidential. Medical providers are not required to report your assault and will keep your information private.

What do I need to know about Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)?

There may be at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) during a sexual assault. The only way to know for sure whether you’ve been infected with an STI is to get tested. The Student Health Clinic offers STI testing. You can call 404-413-1930 to speak with a nurse at the clinic about getting tested.

What do I need to know about pregnancy?

Many survivors have questions about pregnancy. These questions are best answered by healthcare professionals. The Student Health Clinic offers urine pregnancy testing with same day results. Sometimes it may be necessary to perform a blood test for pregnancy. If that happens, the results will be back in two days. For more information, or to schedule an appointment with a nurse, please call the clinic at 404-413-1930.

What is emergency contraception?

Emergency contraception, or emergency birth control, is used to prevent a woman from getting pregnant after she has had unprotected sex within the last 120 hours.

The Student Health Clinic offers the emergency contraceptive Plan B, Levonorgestrel 0.75mg. It prevents fertilization and implantation. The sooner you take Plan B, the more effective it is. Plan B is not the abortion pill. It will not work if you are already pregnant. You can obtain Plan B at the Student Health Clinic by making a nurse visit.

It is important to remember that emergency contraception does not protect you from HIV infection (the virus that causes AIDS) and any other sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Should I get a rape kit done? Where? What is a rape kit?

A rape kit affords the opportunity to collect any DNA that may have been left by the offender. The kit is filled with tools that may be used by the examiner for evidence collection during the forensic medical exam. The exam will most likely begin with the examiner obtaining a complete and thorough medical history from the victim. The medical forensic exam also involves a head to toe physical examination, which includes the genital area. This may also include:

  • Collection of blood, urine and hair samples.
  • Photo documentation.
  • Collection of the victim’s clothing, especially undergarments.
  • Collection of any possible physical evidence that may have transferred onto the victim from the rape scene.

Once the examination is completed and all specimens are collected, they are carefully packaged and stored to assure that they are not contaminated. They are maintained under chain of custody until further action is taken. Rape kits must be done within 72 hours of the assault.

Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault contains a list of locations that offer rape kits.

Victims of sexual assault in the State of Georgia may request, at no cost to the victim, a forensic medical examination for sexual assault, regardless of whether the victim participates in the criminal justice system or cooperates with law enforcement in pursuing prosecution of the underlying crime. For more information, refer to the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.