Waivers & Exemptions

Exemption Description Important Notes
Distance Learning Exemption Distance learning students taking online classes are exempt. This exemption expires at the end of each term and is reapplied as long as the student maintains distance learning only status. Submit the Certificate of Immunization and make the appropriate selection for Distance Learning exemptions.
Deferment Immunization deferment is granted to applicants who cannot complete an entire series of an immunization prior to enrollment. The series must be completed according to vaccination guidelines in order to prevent a hold from being placed on the student’s account. There is no deferment option for the tetanus requirement unless the student is sick or pregnant.
Military Exemption Any student who are no longer active in the military can present either a military immunization form or one of the following forms: DD214, DD2766, 2766C. None
Temporary Medical or Pregnancy Waiver If a student has a temporary medical condition that prohibits compliance, an extension will be granted until the medical condition is resolved. Exemptions must be signed by a physician or health care provider. If students are not compliant after the approved extension, they will not be allowed to register for classes.
Permanent Medical Waiver Permanent medical contraindication that prevents the student from receiving vaccinations. Exemptions must be signed by a physician or health care provider.
Religious Exemption Immunizations are in conflict with religious beliefs. Student may be subject to exclusion from school in the event of an outbreak of a disease that an immunization is required. Religious Exemption form must be completed and notarized.