Submit Immunization Documents

Students should carefully read and follow the instructions below:

  • Download the immunization certificate. Note: It is preferred, but not required, that students use this form.
  • The first page is required.
  • The second page is not required but highly recommended.
  • Review the required immunizations in their entirety and ensure that the documents satisfy the requirements.
  • Ensure that the documents clearly show name and date of birth and have been signed by a medical authority such as a physician or nurse. Note: Students who are requesting a distance learning waiver or religious exemption do not need to have their documents signed by a medical authority.
  • Upload completed documents and lab reports (if applicable).
  • Allow seven business days for documents to be reviewed and processed. Any questions or concerns regarding immunizations will be communicated through email.

Review the two options below and choose the appropriate option:

  • Students who have been accepted to Perimeter College at Georgia State University, know their student ID number and have an established password for their student ID should login to the Patient Portal.
  • Students who do not know their student ID number and do not have an established password and need to complete the immunization process can reach out to for more information.