Frequently Asked Questions

Upload completed forms and, if applicable, lab results on the Upload Your Forms page of the Patient Portal. Please upload forms and lab results as a PDF file. There is a 4MB file size limit.
No. Transfer students will need to contact their former institution to obtain copies of their immunization records. An Authorization to Disclose form can be obtained and submitted to retrieve immunization records. Students who do not meet Georgia State University immunization requirements will have to take necessary vaccines or show proof of immunity to comply with the vaccination policy.
Yes, if the student has United Healthcare insurance through the University. 
Students should refer to waivers and exemptions to see if they qualify for any of the exemptions listed.
The purpose of this policy is to ensure that students are protected against communicable diseases that are preventable and to reduce the likelihood of an epidemic or threatened epidemic on a Georgia public college or university campus.
Student Health Clinics will not be able to verify immunization data. Students' records will be incomplete and a hold will be placed on their student account, which will block them from registering for classes.
Yes. Students who are not in compliance with the Georgia State University immunization policy will have a hold placed on their student account until they have met the requirements.
Please allow 3-5 business days for processing immunization information.