CDC Update on Flu Activity

Posted On February 6, 2018
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This year’s flu season is already the most widespread on record since health officials began keeping track 13 years ago, and has already caused the most hospitalizations in nearly a decade, federal health officials have said. During the fourth week of January, flu resulted in the deaths of another 16 children, bringing the total pediatric… more »

Staying Healthy through the Holidays

Posted On November 27, 2017
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Worried about gaining weight over the holidays? Here are a few tips to keep your health on track! First let’s talk about moderation. If you want a cookie, have a cookie, but maybe eating 12 cookies isn’t the best option. Allow yourself to have some treats here and there, but do keep portion control in… more »

Get Immunized!

Posted On July 13, 2017
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Georgia State University intends to provide a safe and healthy environment for all students. That is why, in compliance with the State Board of Regents immunization requirements, all students must show proof of being immunized. Getting vaccinated is an easy way to stay healthy all year round. Take the time to make sure that you… more »

Summer Safety Tips!

Posted On June 1, 2017
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Summer break is always a much-needed time away from the books, but staying safe and healthy is a top prioroty. See below for some tips to help you stay safe and cool all summer.

Pool Safety

Don’t swim alone. Always have at least one buddy with you. Avoid drinking alcohol before and during water activities.… more »

Spring Into Action!

Posted On March 15, 2017
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Now that sunny days are starting to come back, it’s a good time to amplify up that exercise routine. The health benefits of regular exercise are endless, but recent studies show even higher benefits associated with increasing metabolic rate and reducing body fat. These two factors help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2… more »

Students Rate Stress Number One Health Problem

Posted On February 15, 2017
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Georgia State University recently received survey data from the American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment (ACHA-NCHA), where students answered over 300 questions covering various health topics. The comprehensive health survey covers questions on the following topics: health status, health problems, risky and protective health behaviors, drug use, perceived norms in areas relating to injury… more »

How to Stay Healthy This Winter!

Posted On January 9, 2017
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With colder weather comes longer lines at the Student Health Clinic and pharmacies around campus. This winter, beat common sicknesses by focusing on the immune system. The best offense is a good defense, after all. Here are some tips and tricks to stay healthy during this flu season.

Get a flu shot. An influenza vaccination… more »

Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies

Posted On December 7, 2016
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The holidays offer a time for us to relax and reset for the new year. The holidays can also offer a time for temptation; a time to to make poorer food choices, overindulge and to be less active. To practice healthy habits this holiday season, try out some of these tips:

Eat! Instead of skipping… more »

Clinic Awarded Funding for Life-Saving Medication

Posted On November 15, 2016
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Nearly 29,000 Americans died in 2014 year from prescription opioid overdose. Unintended drug poisoning has surpassed automobile collisions as the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S., driven largely by prescription opioids. Opioid overdose can cause a person’s breathing to severely slow down and even stop.

The Georgia State University more »