Men's Health

Men’s Health

Students are strongly encouraged to schedule an appointment with a health care provider if they experience any of the conditions below. Appointments can be made by calling 404-413-1930.

Painful Urination or Discharge
A same day visit should be made for any male with painful urination or discharge.

Testicular or Scrotal Pain
A same day visit should be made for any male with testicular or scrotal pain. If it is in the evening or on a weekend, please call our resident on call.

Rashes or Bumps in Genital Area
Rashes or bumps in the genital area will need to be evaluated by one of the providers.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
If you feel you have been exposed to a sexually transmitted infection, make an appointment. A provider can discuss possible symptoms and a range of testing options that are available.

Men’s health assessment is available for any male student who is interested in discussing men’s health issues. Health risk behaviors, sexually transmitted infections, information of diet, exercise, how to perform a testicular self exam are a few of the options on your men’s preventative health exam.

Sexual Assault
Sexual assault is everyone’s problem. It happens everywhere, everyday to people of all ages. We are all affected by rape. No matter how careful you are, it may not be possible to prevent sexual assault. It is not your fault.

If you are raped:

  • Go to a safe place
  • Preserve all evidence
  • Contact the Police
  • Get medical attention
  • Talk to someone and get help

Visit SHAPE to learn more about sexual harassment, assault, and abuse prevention education.