Georgia State University Health Clinic

Low-Cost Prescriptions Available
According to Consumer Reports, 81% of people in the United States admitted to not filling a prescription because they simply could not afford the high cost of the medication. Almost half of U.S. adults take prescription drugs. One-quarter of people over the age of 18 take two prescription medications regularly ( By not taking necessary prescriptions, students could be forced to stay home and fall behind in their classes. It’s important that Georgia State University students be their own health advocate and take steps to ensure overall wellness. The Georgia State University Student Health Clinic helps with this initiative by offering low-cost prescriptions available to all Georgia State University students. The Student Health Clinic also provides some over-the-counter medicines at no charge, such as cold packs (medicines provided to treat the common cold). In addition to the Student Health Clinic, students can also utilize low-cost prescription programs at nearby pharmacies, such as Publix (on Piedmont Avenue) for as little as $4 for a 30 day supply for certain medicines. For more information regarding precriptions, call the Student Health Clinic at 404-413-1930.