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Staying Healthy through the Holidays

Healthy Holidays
Worried about gaining weight over the holidays? Here are a few tips to keep your health on track! First let’s talk about moderation. If you want a cookie, have a cookie, but maybe eating 12 cookies isn’t the best option. Allow yourself to have some treats here and there, but do keep portion control in mind. Try adding some fresh vegetables to your plate to balance out all the delicious meat that is typically served over the holidays. Restricting foods can typically can lead to overeating, so allowing yourself to have the items you enjoy, in moderation, can be a great tool to use over the holidays. Along with restricting specific foods, it is also important to stick with consistent meals and snacks throughout the day even if you are planning to have a big holiday meal that evening. Skipping meals and going for…more >>

Attention: Flu vaccines are now available at all clinic locations between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. No appointment necessary.